Pretty Little Liar.

I lied.

I said I loved you when I really didn’t.¬† I just wanted to make you do things that would cause you to ask for repentance. I laid it on thick. Told you what ever you wanted to hear, and you became my little trick.

I prayed meaningless prayers for you and submitted to your plan. And you did just what I wanted just like a good little puppet. You are far from a real man.

Now, I will move along and have my way in another¬† life. I found him. He’s sort of like you. Silly, you would give your last to anyone, even those who talk about you.

They take you for a joke and I admit I did too. All I had to do was lie and make you feel like a king and that little check you got, you always would bring.

You don’t think you were the only one did you? How could you think such a foolish thing. You’re a nobody who haphazardly got noticed by me. Oh, did you think I would leave quietly no, no, not me.

I will let everyone know the pitiful pawn you turned out to be. You will only be used until you understand your worth. But you never will because you crave too much attention.

It was fine when you were around, but I liked it when you were gone. I didn’t have to listen to you whine or hide my telephone. Are you wondering if I am talking about you? Why yes I am and him and him too.

You are disposable to me just like the trash you took out. I often wondered why you would never go to your own house. I had other people to see, those that gave me more than you. I know I was spreading myself thin, but I had to entertain them too.

I don’t know how to just be with one person. I want him, you and maybe even your brother too. It’s funny because the one I am with now thinks he’s the one, but he’s just like you, just plain dumb.

I will manipulate him also.

He’ll play right in to my little evil hands. For you, him and you too are nothing but little scared boys. Yes, you thought you were in control. Oh no, can’t you see? The one in control and always will be little pretty me.