Why write children’s books with no children?

This is the “bio” from the back of my first book. It explains a part of my writing journey. Enjoy!

Author Kimberly E. Smith, has always been a writer of sorts. Her first journal
was given to her by her father with the advice that she could use it to write
about how much she loved him. That was the spark. Throughout her life she
would often retreat to a quiet place and scribble in her many journals detailing
the days, her dreams and aspirations. Although writing was an enormous outlet
for her, she did not share her love for writing with many people until later in
life. Kimberly has contributed to blogs, online magazines and newsletters
through-out her career as a writer and has a blog of her own called “Girly
Squeal”, where she writes about a wide range of topics. She has recently even
shared some of her poetic side on her blog. Although called “Girly Squeal” this
blog allowed Kimberly a chance to showcase her opinions on more adult topics.
Kimberly took a break from writing in the summer of 2014 to become a foster
parent. Over a year later while caring for her second foster child she began to
learn the importance of starting children off early with good habits, especially
reading. She has always believed children are never too young to learn the
importance of caring for their mind, body and spirit. After caring for two
sweet foster children, Kimberly decided that she wanted to come up with a
way she could give to all little children. That’s when the “Little People Read”
Collection was born. “Sleepy Baby Squirm” was accidentally created from a lullaby
Kimberly made up one night while holding her one month old foster child,
“Sweet Pea”. Shortly thereafter, she turned her lullaby into a bedtime story.
Although there are several books in the collection that focus on helping
children develop good habits and skills, bedtime is often the most needed and
most difficult thing for children to get accustom to. Therefore, Kimberly felt
Sleepy Baby Squirm, would be the perfect first book in the
“Little People Read Collection”.