Vrooooom Screeech!

So what is it with car dealerships? They scream and holler about clearance event this and clearence event that and then jack the prices up to make it seem like you are getting a deal. When I see clearance or red tag I’m looking for a deal. Department stores don’t jack the price up of my favorite Gianni Bini shoes and then try to sell them to me. And that’s just the reason why I enjoy shoe shopping more than car shopping. Car shopping makes me feel strange. I feel like I am being taken advantage of before I even go inside the sales center. And don’t you love when they say oh let me get my manager. Geez if I ran to get my boss everytime someone asked a question I wouldn’t have a job! I mean what is he? You can’t ever see him from the sales floor. Kinda like the Wizard of Oz or something; who is this manager person and why do they call each and every shot. And I wish someone would hide the sales board I seeeeee youuuuu little sales board. Look I know they are in the business of making money but come on the sleezy tactics and the bait and switch is uncalled for. If a person is going to buy a car they are going to buy a car. No need to try and swindle them, just be straight up. I suggest we all go prepared. Read up on what you want and know what questions to ask. No car salesperson was hurt in the making of this post 🙂

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