Giiiirl he is single!

Is it me or is it every time a single man enters the building everyone looks at you. He can have on a I am a jerk t-shirt, one eye, a limp, 5 buck teeth and because he does not have on a ring or the infamous ring tan line (ladies learn to look for it) everyone thinks it’s a sure winner for you. Nevermind the rope and axe in the back seat of his 1978 Chevette. Then here it comes, “hey you’re single stop being so picky.” Soooo I’m just supposed to run off with the axe murderer huh and have little axe murderer babies. Ok, I know that is an extreme example, but just because he is single does not mean he is for me. God forbid I speak to a single young man and have some friendly words y’all marrying me off. Sometimes the guy isn’t even cute! Some may say giiiiiirl he’s single, no kids and he owns his own land scape business. Yeah right. He’s single tonight because his girlfriend is out-of-town, no kids because the ‘baby mama” still has about 2 months to go and oh that lawn care business is just a lawnmower and a weed whacker. Sorry, but in case you didn’t know some single people have standards. And we are ok waiting for the person that is for us. We have learned to find fun in non couple activities and refuse to sacrifice our happiness to be a part of the married people club. Now don’t get me wrong this may not happen to me much, but I am sure my single ladies have been put in this situation more than they would care to admit. So I have to put it out there. If you really care how about us and our dating life introduce us to the real man you trying to save for your cousin. You know she crazy anyway. Disclaimer: No married people were harmed during the making of this post 🙂

3 thoughts on “Giiiirl he is single!

  1. Girl you said a mouth full that time! Girl you need to send this article all around the world. Let us enjoy being single! (Lord knows half of the relationships I see need to end).

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