“Destiny” by Tina Campbell is a favorite of mine. Lawd she can sang, yes sang! She gives me chills every time I listen to that song. “Destiny” reminds me that God has a destiny for all of us and as the lyrics say, “the road may be bumpy getting there but I’m pressing through”. You may not act like or look like what you will eventually will become all the time, but know God’s Will, will be done in your life. You may begin to feel unworthy and like there is no way out of your current situation. Then you begin to look at other people and constantly compare your situations to theirs. I’m guilty of that too. I often wondered why certain things happened to me. I used to think it wasn’t fair. I tried my best and I felt like geez can a sister get a break! While I am thinking that, there are people who feel like I have the perfect life. They may say things like what does she have to complain about? She has what she needs, looks like she’s happy and doing well. Well, yes I am happy, maybe not all the time, but I am. It’s a choice to be happy and I have to choose that daily. What you have to understand is that God made my journey specific to me and allowed certain things to happen to mold me into just who He needs me to be. Maybe God wanted me to have a good job, home and something to drive but also allowed me to experience what heartache felt like so when I come across a broken heart I can empathize with them. If I had to worry about other necessities I may not be so empathetic. Maybe I had to deal with people turning on me, who I thought loved me, so I can be a little less open and giving to evil people who just want to use me. God gives us everything we need, but sometimes it’s just weird how He gets it to us. We need to stop giving the devil all the credit. The devil doing this, the devil fighting me with that. Half the time you are fighting yourself. Even worse, you are putting up a fight with God while he is trying to equip you for your next level. Go through it, whatever your it may be and learn why God has you where you are. Oh and for those who will probably say, oh she doesn’t know my situation, it’s really tough, it’s easy to say just go through it. I understand it is easy to say, but I know just how hard it is to do also. So shhhh. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be sad sometimes or it’s not going to hurt, but I just really want us to focus on why we are where we are. What did God want me to learn from this? What trait did God need to get in me to help me when I reach that divine destined place? Who can I help with my story? What can I give back to God? How can He be glorified in this mess? We have to remember God loves us. Sometimes I felt like he didn’t like me very much but I knew He loved me. (Ok ok He likes me too) I still have some things that don’t feel too good and make me feel “some kind of way”, but I know that in the end it’s going to work together for my good. Every trial, heart break, unfair act towards me and mistake I made, I know will push me towards my destiny. Let yours do the same.

4 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Amen Lil’Magic. I feel & go through the same. Asking why, but I know it’s part of God’s plan & I pray t g at he’ll have me to learn something from this trail so I can spread my story/testimony for God’s Grace & Mercy he Let’s me see & I Thank him=Praise his name!!!

  2. Yes Lord Jesus I too feel like this all the time, ok maybe 55% of the time! Thanks for the words of encouragement. It really made my night. ❤#girlysqueal

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