GirlySquealed out?

Let me start by saying this blog comes from a place of disappointment. Disappointment in myself. 2021 and 2020 actually we’re pivotal years in my life, well the entire world’s lives !! So many changes, so many thoughts, so many feelings remained bottled up. And why didn’t I get them out? Who knows? Not taking the time? Maybe writing in a journal although it’s not much there either. Or just at a point where there is so much oversharing, I was afraid to be lumped in a group of people who talked too much. Or could it be I was afraid of the opinions of others? I am sure it was a concoction of all of these things. Overthinking and keeping things bottled in is something I suffer greatly from. It has made it to where sometimes I think too much and when it’s time to use my brain it’s all thought out! I’ll give myself a tad bit of grace but not too much to rest on or I will do the same thing in 2022. I have to remember why I created this blog years ago. To get the things out of my head. People today call it a brain dump. That’s cool but I don’t want to think of what comes out of my brain as body waste, and that’s kind of what I think of when I see that phrase. I’d like to think of it more as a space to “clear the clutter”. Clearing physical clutter is helpful so I am sure clearing one’s mind of all the accumulation of the day, week or month could prove to be just as helpful. Here’s to “clearing the clutter”. You should try it too!