She always heard, whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. One day she actually started to believe it.
For every heartache, her heart actually began to grow stronger, because after each tear that rolled down in her ears as she lay on her bead literally feeling her heart break inside she lived another day. She saw the sunshine again, and it was good.
For every mean spirited word towards her from strangers who really didn’t know her story or even from those family members and friends she thought would have her back she grew another layer of skin. Now you can say what you want, it really won’t bother her.That too was good. For every friend she lost, she realized that she already had the best friend in the world.
For every second she wasted listening to the sweet nothings and they really were nothings she lost a bit of her sweetness. Which in turn made her a little less easy to push over. Everything works together for the good of those who love Him and those that love her. For everything she has been through made her an even better person. Stronger, smarter and wiser. Now when she faces an obstacle that would destroy most, she looks at it and laughs. For now, she sees what didn’t kill her did make her stronger and so much more.

Written 10/10/15
Published to Blog 6/7/16

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