Girly Squeal Spotlight: Natalie Green Happy 5th Birthday

Miss Natalie Green, the young girl from a small town with a big prayer. Natalie’s “We don’t want no devils in the house” prayer hit social media like lighting and soon her prayer was heard around the world. When Natalie was born on that sunny day in June her family had a hunch that she would be something special. Natalie’s talent and boldness has always exceeded her numerical age. Now, at the age of 5, she can add to her resume. She has worked with a major recording artist, by lending her voice to a CD by Mr. Kanye West. She has been on a day time talk show with Mr. Steve Harvey. She has also been offered major opportunities some only dream of. With all this being said she is still just a sweet little girl who enjoys watching countless reruns of Full House and reading Elmo books. Happy Birthday Natalie.

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